Reach your ideal B2B customer

We generate leads that convert for tech, SaaS, and IT service businesses.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of your customers. This allows us to craft content strategies that hit the mark, guiding your audience seamlessly through their buyer's journey.

If your goal is to raise awareness, fill your funnel, and increase revenue growth, count on Sella for a proven path to success through targeted Account-Based Marketing.

The Right Audience

The Right Prospects

The Right Messaging

MQL to SQL Nurturing

From Lead Generation Frustration
to Full Funnel Creation


- An extension of your team
- Builds long-term demand and short-term results
- Takes the audience through the buyer's journey
- Engages the audience with thought leadership
- Only targets your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
- Builds ROI tracking from Day 1

Other Agencies

- Apply a one-size-fits-all approach
- Focuses on short-term unqualified leads
- Applies one approach to the whole audience
- Creates content only for awareness
- Leads aren't relevant to your audience
- Has no measurable ROI

Increase engagement and fill your pipeline

Weeks 1 - 3:
Strategy Bootcamp

We hold several strategy sessions with you to understand your ideal customer, your business and your messaging.

We'll plan out the targeting, content and shared strategy to ensure we have a game plan for success.

Week 4 - 8:
Campaign Launch

Our team manages your campaigns end to end.

We work closely with you to create and share awesome content, grow connections within key accounts, manage your advertising, and delivery key insights to drive your Account Based Marketing (ABM).

Week 8+:
Results & Testing

Within 4 weeks of your campaign starting, you can expect to see your connections grow and your LinkedIn posts starting to drive awareness.

We then kick into market testing mode, testing content, tactics and messaging. Our aim being to build a demand generation engine within 6 months.

We've been trusted by
Why Sella?

Portt Sees 70% Brand Penetration With Sella

Since working with Sella, Portt has been able to build authority and a community within their key target sectors. This has enabled them to achieve engagement in 70% of their target audience, reducing their the lead costs by over 65%.

  • 70% of target accounts are engaged with the brand.

  • 65% reduction in cost per qualified lead

Read the full case study

Customer Stories


65% reduction
in cost per lead



203 leads generated
in six months



150+ leads generated and
doubled engagement on content


You need help generating a pipeline for your B2B brand and we're here to help.

We combine the best in class Account Based Marketing (ABM) methodology, with a talented team, and robust data reporting to create and implement a comprehensive demand plan that converts.

We've spent years building up the know how, systems, technology and people to make it work for you. We understand how to harness LinkedIn to get you quality, targeted prospective customers that need your product.

What our clients say

"Sella are fantastic to work with - strategic and innovative in how they build connections across our key audiences and markets. They work hand in hand with our team to build our brand and connect us with our ideal client. Highly recommended."

Pino Demaio

Founder of Local Peoples

"In the last 12 months we've generated hundreds of leads thanks to Sella. Their approach works. We have awareness close to 70% of all the target accounts and sales prospects we connect with thanks to the team. The team is dynamic, innovative, detail oriented and easy to work with."

Yusuf Sulaiman

Solution Sales at

"Sella has been one of the most cost effective solution to help us to build and scale our startup. It allows us to set up our own budget, customise our campaigns, track progress and our freelancer is absolutely brilliant with generating qualified leads and candidates  for us. It frees up our time to focus on building an awesome product and helping our clients. Highly recommended."

Akansh Prasai

Founder at TalentCrowdIT

"I have found Sella to be an essential part of our new business activities. They have become an extension of our team and understand our business and importantly how to engage with our ideal prospective clients."

Chris Whitelaw

CEO at Tambo Australia

"The team from Sella were great to work with and are very knowledgeable about the B2B marketing space. With their expertise and support we generated 500+ Account-Based Marketing leads, which gave us the opportunity to increase our client base both here in Australia and in the UK and US.

Through our partnership with Sella we were able to effectively connect with our target accounts to help us raise awareness and build trust with our ideal customers. We would absolutely recommend Sella to any B2B company wanting to increase awareness and generate leads in their target accounts."

Katrina Grant

Marketing Manager at Dataro

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