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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sella?

Sella is an online lead generation business.  Sella has community of Australian LinkedIn Marketing Specialists who help businesses to find, engage and turn prospects into leads.  Our community use the sella campaign management system and AI tool suite to manage and run client campaigns.

Why Sella?

Most sella clients either don't have the time, knowledge or man power to drive their LinkedIn campaigns. Sella has flexible resources, strategies and manpower to get results.

What do typical results look like?

Results vary but a campaign would typically see between 2%-30% of all prospects targeted engage as leads.

What is a lead?

At sella we determine leads as a prospect who has responded positively to a message.  The response is typically around having a further conversation.

Am I in control, will I get brand damage?

Clients work closely with their sella LinkedIn specialists and our account team to create a target list and messaging flow which they are happy with. Only then will a campaign start. Sella has a full client dashboard where every prospect, activity and message can be viewed.  

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