3 big trends will emerge in digital marketing in 2020

The digital marketing predictions you need for 2020, in as few characters as possible,

Trend 1:  The B2B LinkedIn "Awakening"

- IT/Software/Consulting/Group Network B2B brands will realise LinkedIn can't be ignored anymore as a place to spend money.  

- They will hear from others, it can generate B2B leads, ROI and penetration.

- LinkedIn's advertising revenue will grow substantially from Q4 as a result, and the CPM will increase by 10%+

Trend 2: The Google-Inbound "Rationalisation" for B2B brands

B2B Brands who have spent 2019 investing heavily in content marketing via organic and paid search, will have a rationalisation moment

- The content marketing hype will give way to reality.  

- A quick ROI doesn't come from content creation alone

- It comes from targeted, accurate distribution

Trend 3:  Quality "aha moment" sets in on LinkedIn in 2020

- Poor quality content will get punished, not ignored

- Followers/connections on LinkedIn will start unfollowing poor quality, non-relevant, content producers

- They will instead find quality producers, just like on Youtube

- The age of the pointless, waffling, selfie video will start winding to an end

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