3 Tips To Maximise Your Content

Content production is king. But not enough people focus on content distribution.

Pareto’s principle, that old chestnut, the 80/20 rule.  Focus 20% of your time on content production and 80% of your time on content distribution.  A common question at this point is this. “Wait, shouldn’t that be the other way round, shouldn't we spend our time producing content?"

You should produce content but you should spend 80% of your time getting the content out there,

Spending 80% of your time on distribution doesn’t mean post to lots of platforms and hope for the best.

It means curation, micro content, reposting, re-advertising and hashtags.

It means maximising your content by turning one post into many.

Here's 3 tips how to maximise your content:

Tip 1: Take 1 piece of content such as an ebook and turn it into 20.  This can be by splitting the ebook into small sub posts. Taking the graphics and posting 1 stat at a time or creating numerous PDF's from the one ebook.

Tip 2: You can turn a 10 tip blog into 10 small posts with 1 tip.  You can then post this small 1 tip posts on LinkedIn to drive traffic and engagement.

Tip 3: Drive engagement and exposure by creating a conversation on your topic. LinkedIn is a great place to do this as billions pieces of content are consumed each month. You can do this by, tagging people into posts, asking people to re-share stuff.

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