You want brand exposure.

You want leads.

You want meetings.

Who doesn’t?  Even if you're too busy to eat, you still need your pipeline to grow.

In B2B marketing our research shows LinkedIn conversion rates are ~10 times better then other channels

But what’s the magic formula?

Well of course.

Here’s 4 tips to get you on the right track:

Tip #1:  Grow your connection base = grow your audience

Connections equals followers, followers equals audience.  So more connections gets you a very quick way to grow pseudo subscribers and audience members.

Tip #2: Your connections should be potential customers

If you want to generate meetings with prospects.  Make your prospects your audience.  This means your connections need to be the people you want to do business with.

Tip #3: Post content so 40% of your network gets to know you

People buy from people.  People buy from people they know and like.  Your audience needs to get and know you.  Content and posts do this and 3-5 a week for a month should do it.

Tip #4: Try and convert your connections with messaging

Sending well researched messages on LinkedIn converts.  You just have to invest enough in your sales and marketing to do it well.  To send well researched messaged.

We’ve spent years at sella researching this.

We would love to learn more about you and share some more ideas.

If you need help and someone to make this happen for you, send us a message via the contact us.