It’s 2019: everyone gets the concept that social media can deliver you franchise enquiry leads.

But did you know LinkedIn generates a 2.74% conversion rate.  Which is 3x higher than Facebook and Twitter!

So if you are going to look to social media for franchising enquiries and leads, your best bet is LinkedIn.

Here’s how to get it going properly:

👉Insight #1 - Choose who’s personal LinkedIn will be the point of contact

Developing your LinkedIn brand/company page is important.  The same way having a website is important.  But someone needs to be the point of contact with leads.  This person’s LinkedIn profile should be the main point of contact with franchisee leads.

Call-to-action: Work out who that is and then you can start your lead gen activities and conversions, typically your network growth manager.

👉Insight #2 - Personalise your approach

People buy from people.  People that they like, get to know and trust.  So your network growth manager LinkedIn profile should act as that voice through LinkedIn.  Building engagement with your prospects.

Call-to-action: Work out what real story you can tell through your personal LinkedIn profile.

👉Insight #3 - Profile your LinkedIn connections

Correctly target connections.  Your LinkedIn connections should the people you want to do business with.  Work out who is the perfect franchisee for your business.  What is their age, experience, job title, location?  

Call-to-action: Create a search in LinkedIn and find the group you should target.   You can then connect to this group and grow them into your audience

👉Insight #4 - Create content that will help these contacts to get to know and like you

Think of some good news examples and stories you have in your business.  Think of the pain points your Franchise group fixes for your target franchisee leads.  

Call-to-action: Build at least 3-5 posts a week you can share on LinkedIn.  Aim for over 4 weeks for 40-60% of your audience to see your content on LinkedIn.

👉Insight #5 - Conversion

Do you have a plan to convert your new audience?  You need one.  Franchisees need conversations not just passive content.

Call-to-action: Think of a plan you can implement to convert this audience into leads.  Think of a plan which is NOT a long winded sales pitch email.

NEED HELP? Time for the to get you generating brand awareness and leads on LinkedIn.

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I’d love to hear your story and if I can help you to generate new franchisee leads too.