5 Questions For Good Marketing Campaign Structure

Marketing campaigns can fall over at any time.  Leaving a burning hole in a pipeline. It can be stressful for everyone. 

A common cause?  Bad campaign structure.  Bad campaign structure leaves more questions than answers. Good campaign structure gives a framework to work through and reduces potential error points or campaign breakages. 

Great marketers are disciplined and usually have a system that works. But many business owners don't have that resource luxury and have to generate campaigns on their own.

Our advice? Spend time building the campaign well before you start spending marketing dollars.

To help here are some questions to think through when planning your marketing campaign.

Good campaign structure + key questions:

1. Targeting - who’s the right target market for you?  Who loves your brand and you love back.

2. Content Strategy - what's the strategy to attract this audience? And what’s the problem they have you solve.  

3. Tailored messaging -  how can you show the audience you have taken time to tailor your message?

4. Conversion - whats a the conversion step to generate a lead?

5. Re-engage/Retargeting - how can you reengage anyone you have missed?

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