How many connections do LinkedIn users have?

I have enough connections!  Or do you.

Let’s look at the average number of connections people have on LinkedIn.

An article last year gave us some interesting stats. Lionel Anciaux using statista data shows us that over 43% of LinkedIn connections have less than 500+ LinkedIn connections.

Insight #1: There are 3 LinkedIn Connection groups of users on LinkedIn

Less than 500 connections (43%) - Core Network Group - this group would be considered lower connection band.  This group could not be using LinkedIn for brand awareness and marketing purposes.

501-3000 connections (44%) - Network Growth Group - this group is using LinkedIn to expand their network and brand reach.

3001+ connections (11%) - Influencer Group - this group is has built a large network and is in the influencer territory.  At this size users will be seeing 50-100 inbound connections per week

Insight #2: 28% have over 1000 LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn isn’t the private network social media it started out at.

Whether this is a good thing or not depends on your opinion but the days of connecting only with the people you have met seems to be over.

Insight #3: 11% have over 3000 LinkedIn connections

If you have over 3000 connections you are in the top 11% of all 500+m LinkedIn connections.   Get past 10000 and you are in the top 1%!

So although we see many users using LinkedIn as a private network tool, it is obvious that LinkedIn is changing rapidly.

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