How to deliver results with content marketing on LinkedIn in 2020

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for B2B marketing and content distribution, driving 50% of all website traffic with 9Bn pieces of content consumed each week.

But only 3m users post content out of 600m active users. 0.5% of LinkedIn users post, and many are missing the mark

Driving engagement - let's talk about quality

Selfie videos, filmed in cars, halls and closets, along with personal posts usually found on Facebook are starting to take their toll.

Video fatigue has become a real issue in 2019 and will be more of a headline in 2020. The trend of personal content seems to be driven from posting pressure and often shows a lack of critical thinking as to purpose and quality.

Great content should educate, enlighten or provide some light entertainment.

Quality versus quantity is always key to LinkedIn.

Here are 3 tips for producing more quality content on LinkedIn:

  1. Ask yourself why - are you posting and who is the audience. Once you have a clear picture of this then you can map out what content they would find "great" content
  2. Plan - plan content in advance - around 2 weeks is good - around key topics, such as questions or challenges that your audience face
  3. Stop - before you post something, think, is this actually good quality? Would you better getting some professional help to do it better? Or be better off posting 1 great post as opposed to 5 rubbish posts

Keeping an audience engaged - frequency of posts

There does seem to be a trend towards posting 2-3 times a day. People have been watching Gary V too much.

If you are not a professional content producer -I.E you don't sell services consulting on content, then stop posting 3 times a day.

It's too much and it will give your audience post fatigue.

How to post on LinkedIn to drive engagement:

  1. Post 2-5 times a week - start with 1-2x posts per week until you get comfortable. Plan out your schedule in advance.
  2. Mix - try and mix up the topics each week. Take people on a journey if you have a large topic, EG. Break a 10 tip post down in 3x micro posts
  3. Get professional help - very few executives can execute a LinkedIn content strategy consistently, they have to run a business. So look to get professional help and invest in it.
  4. Don't over do hashtags - 3-5 is the best number to use

Driving results with video on LinkedIn- the Youtube effect

Video is now the chosen medium of content consumption in 2020. You don't need to stats to understand this. Just ask around who watches YouTube not TV anymore.

This means consumers are becoming more discerning around video content. A video on a popular Youtube channel now includes as standard intro music, animation, graphics, FX and call to actions.

This is now what people expect as the norm. It's almost like a "sniff test", if it doesn't look professionally edited people click off.

This is a trend that is on LinkedIn too. People expect quality as a standard now not as an option.

How to do video content that generates results:

  1. Don't do selfie videos - Look at me videos are no doubt leading to a video fatigue in 2020. Prepare to be unfollowed if you post waffle
  2. Build a plan first - video content should part of an overall plan to market your business to drive leads. So, build a plan first, with goals, desired results and an outline of the content topics which will resonate
  3. Invest - video helps you engage but video also helps convert. If video production helped you get one deal over the line a month would it be worth it? If the answer is yes, then budget to invest in video production with professionals.

If you would like to know more about how to produce quality content or you need help making all this a reality, get in touch via!