It’s 2019: everyone seems to be posting on LinkedIn. It’s noisy.  It’s hard to be heard.  Hard to win.  

It's a war for eyes.

But a war worth winning.

Engaged LinkedIn connections beats paying for LinkedIn advertising by a factor of 100.  

A good performing LinkedIn post gets 6% engagement.  The average LinkedIn advertising CTR is 0.02-0.06%.

Here’s how to win:

👉Insight #1 - Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

It starts with LinkedIn connections. You should have at least 800 connections.  Every connection is an audience member.  2000-2500 is a good number to generate leads.

Call-to-action: Connect to more people on Linkedin

👉Insight #2 - Profile Your LinkedIn Connections

Correctly target connections.  Your LinkedIn connections should the people you want to do business with.

Call-to-action: Think in bubbles. Create content that appeals to and engages your 1st-level connections, to raise its chances of reaching the feeds of 2nd- and 3rd-level connections.

👉Insight #3 - Post Links In The Comments

The LinkedIn algorithm prioritises native content.

Call-to-action: If you want to post a link, add it in the comments section to avoid being penalised by the algorithm

👉Insight #4 - Video wins but quality is key

LinkedIn is preferring video content.  But you need to be able to post regularly and have quality content to share

Call-to-action: Create video content. You don't have to be a pro but aim for quality over quantity

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👉Insight #5 - Tag Your Team, Company, to reach their audience

If you tag your team, their audience sees your post.  If you tag your company, the company followers see the post.  If you tag the company your are targeting, their audience sees the post.

Call-to-action: Tag everyone in your company and team for audience growth

👉Insight #6 - Post Statuses If You Don’t Have Time For Anything Else

Statuses give you a chance to post something and link to another article

Call-to-action: Make them catchy.  Focus on a problem.  Tell a story.  Give insights and value.

👉Insight #7 - Lead Engagement Is a Numbers Game

If out of 2500 connections 10-15% view your posts.  Then 7 posts should allow 80% of your active network to see at least 1 post.  It takes 4 posts to get someone to like you.  So posting 28 times should engage your audience.

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