How To Succeed On LinkedIn In 2021 - How It Could Be Time To Roll Up Your Sleeves!

LinkedIn has proved itself essential for a brand’s marketing mix.  So, what are the upcoming LinkedIn trends should brands be aware of?

First let's go back to the beginning.

When LinkedIn began, increasing connections were crucial, compulsive almost.  But like anything, when a marketing channel matures it also becomes more rational. The gamification starts to wear off as users start asking themselves, "do I really want to connect to this person and are they going to add value to me or annoy me!?"

2021 Insight: Looking forward, brands and users will stop searching for new people and start strengthening their pre-existing connections and networks.

And LinkedIn could be the canary in a gold mine for a much bigger trend:

The death of mass marketing.  Or at the very least the "evolution" of mass marketing. As the more and more approach of mass marketing, like with email marketing, means we are more desensitised to "marketing", we become more familiar with saying no more than yes.

2021 Insight: in this new environment, being accepted as a new connection will be more valuable than ever.

A more discerning LinkedIn member will look for 3 elements and ask three questions:

  1. Does this person/brand align with my industry or need, or are they “friendly” and connected in with my peers?
  2. Are they blatantly trying to hard sell me from the outset?
  3. Am I going to learn anything which will be of interest or value to me?

Reflecting on your own brand and personal LinkedIn profile, the above questions raise 3 key areas that we could be improving in 2021 and more questions that we need to ask ourselves!

2021 Insight: It could help you succeed in 2021 to ask yourself these questions:

Targeting: Am I targeting the right people and brands with my marketing?

Approach: Am I being far too salesy in my marketing and sales outreach?

UVP: Am I demonstrating a unique or valuable solution to solve an important customer problem?

So what else should brands and users look out for?

A return to ‘roll up your sleeves’ marketing. 

Prospects are suffering from mass marketing fatigue, to combat this, brands need to win trust and value through meaningful engagement strategies. 

2021 Insight: Brands need to create reasons for LinkedIn users to open their networks and prospects will need to be targeted harder. 

Addressability, granularity and strong value propositions are paramount.

It’s time for your brand to find its marketing edge and sit within a defined niche. To ask some hard questions on how you are perceived and what your approach looks like. If marketing is going through an evolution right now LinkedIn.

Are you set up for success in 2021?

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