How To Write A Converting Text LinkedIn Status Update

Are you talking to your audience on LinkedIn?

If you have LinkedIn connections then you have an audience.  

This audience is getting hit by LinkedIn noise. That’s true.

But 40% of LinkedIn users login daily.

So 40% of your new audience is logging in every single day.

That’s a great opportunity.

Video isn’t for everyone.

A status update can be a great way to talk to them.  

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s engaging.  

How to write an engaging LinkedIn status update

STEP 1: Figure out the value you can share

You want to write about something you know your audience will find useful and enjoy.  Is it entertaining? Thought provoking? Industry info they need?

STEP 2: Try and personalise it and make it real

Can you weave in a story people can relate to?  The best posts include a personal story, problem overcome or real life event.  People relate to real.

STEP 3: Use a Format Structure

Try a structure like this.

PROBLEM - I’ve had a hard time balancing work and life

RESULT OF PROBLEM - I let my life take over my work and my business suffers

REAL IMPACT - I have seen the impact in goals and deadlines being missed

LEARNING - But maybe the goals were wrong.  Maybe the goals were too ambitious to start with.

IMPACT OF LEARNING - If I set realistic goals for my work then I can focus on my life as well

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - It’s got me thinking.  Where else have my expectations been wrong.  What else could do with balance.  

ASK FOR ENGAGEMENT - Can anyone else relate to this?

STEP 4: Add links into the comments.  

The word is recent algorithm changes on LinkedIn mean that adding external links gets penalised.  So try adding the link to an article in the comments.

Every time someone gets tagged in a post their network also sees the update.  So if you have a team of colleagues or company page tag them in the post to amplify your audience with a simple “@name”. There you go.

Good luck and get in touch if you want any help to manage this all for you.

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