I hear it all the time. LinkedIn is so noisy.  So full of rubbish.  

But is it?  The numbers don’t lie.  And the numbers tell us a different story.

The numbers tell us if you are active you will be in the minority

If you do post you will actually stand out.  You can generate 3000 impressions a week.

Insight 1: Only 1.2% of users on LinkedIn post weekly content

Out of 500m Linkedin users, 250m are active.  Out of the 250m that are active 3m release content weekly.

So only 1.2% of all users are actually active.

Insight 2: 9 Billion impressions are generated weekly on LinkedIn

So if 1.2% are active.  That 1.2% are generating 9 Billion impressions.  Or 3000 impressions each.

Insight 3: On average a active user can generate 3000 impressions each week

This needed it’s own insight.  So with some simple numbers it is possible to generate 3000 impressions each week.  A high consumption of content is happening and a small number of users are active.

Insight 4: 3000 Impressions is worth around $300 to LinkedIn

LinkedIn prices impressions at around $30 per thousand or $30 cpm (cost per milli). So if you post on LinkedIn, generate 3000 impressions you have just created $300 worth of advertising/brand awareness value!

So there it is.  It is noisy but that’s 9 billion pieces of content being consumed each week.  Actually posting and being active can have a massive benefit to your brand.

If you need any help to get your content out there on LinkedIn.  If you want help to generate some brand awareness or leads.

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