LinkedIn Changes its Algorithm, Here’s 6 Tips From LinkedIn To Help

LinkedIn is changing its algorithm.  This affects how posts are ranked in users’ feeds and content is tailored to professional interests.

Posts will now be higher in a feed if a user is more likely to join in on the conversation and the content is relevant. 

Linkedin used to give more weight to viral content. 

LinkedIn is now focused on two things, the “people you know” and “talking about things you care about”. 

The algorithm determines who a user knows.

It then looks at a person’s following signals:

  • Connections
  • People they have directly interacted with 
  • Who they’ve worked with
  • People with shared interests and experiences 

The LinkedIn feed may also surface posts from people a user is not connected with.  It will do this  if they’re relevant to the user’s professional interests.

That’s determined by:

  • Groups a user belongs to
  • Hashtags 
  • People they follow
  • Pages they follow

These changes encourage interaction and engagement on LinkedIn. 

To succeed on LinkedIn with these changes, LinkedIn recommends the following...

6 x Tips From LinkedIn To Encourage Conversations

  1. Post things that encourage a response. For example, if you’re posting a link, express an opinion with it.
  2. Think about using the best type of post for the topic, video, images, multi-images, text and long-form articles. 
  3. Use @mentions to pull other people you know into a conversation when you think they’ll have something valuable to add, max five is a good rule of thumb.
  4. Engage in the conversation, respond to commenters and encourage back and forth.

Niche over broad

  1. It’s better to go deep on topics or look at a niche (eg #performancemanagement) than the broad (#management).
  2. Use hashtags (we recommend no more than three) to help other members find the conversations that match their own interests.