Maximum Post Engagement Tricks From Guy Kawasaki   

Not getting any likes or views for a LinkedIn post sucks.  

Spending lots of time on your post and then getting no views is worse.

I have some research which is a game changer.

Guy Kawasaki (Apple evangelist) did an experiment.

He found that the best way you structure links in your posts.

This is essential reading if you are sharing content on LinkedIn

Read on.  And check out this original article for more insights.

Add External Links In The Comments Not The Post!

Look at this. Adding a link as a first comment and not in the post drives engagement.

It makes sense.  If people have to click in the comments for an a link then LinkedIn see that as engagements in the post.  This in turn drives more views, which in turn drives more potential engagements.

The downside?

People have to find your link in the comments!

This can be frustrating, especially in a mobile view where the first comment doesn’t show up straight away.

But when people tap down for the comments in the mobile view, that in itself creates another tap and another “engagement”.  So in effect on a mobile view people click twice to get onto the link!

There you go.

Good luck and get in touch if you want any help to manage this all for you.

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