2021 Insight: Nobody wants to be served content about a problem they don’t have.

And, a problem or issue that a CFO has could be very different to someone in the accounts payable team.

The question is, should they receive the same marketing messages?


They should be defined as different personas and have marketing messages curated just for them.

Who is more important to get our marketing focus first? This is where the tiers come in.

2021 Insight: By prioritising our personas into different job tier groups, we are essentially able to give ourselves focus.  

Working in tiers, we can focus on bottom-up, market to tier 3 first, build awareness in influencers then focus on decision-makers (tiers: 3 to1).

Or, we can focus on a bottom-up approach. Targeting tier 3 first to build awareness in influencers before moving on to decision-makers.

Building persona tiers gives our marketing and sales teams:

1. Focus: when I come up with a marketing idea I can see if it fits one of my personas.

2. Options: I can work top-down or bottom-up.

3. Account Based Marketing cut through: by implementing a multi-tier approach I can look at my target account in three layers of opportunity not one.