Sometimes you have to learn what not to do, before you can master what to do.

Check out this video covering the top 5 LinkedIn fails people make when trying to market on LinkedIn:

Elaborating on some of the themes in the video..

Fail #1:  Post poor quality content

This includes posting low resolution images or photos. Posting about topics which have no relevance to the audience or just links which don't really give you anything back for clicking it.

People are on LinkedIn to learn something new, enhance their career/business or to be entertained. If you can't find something of quality to do one of those things then you could be better not posting at all.

Fail #2: Too much of the same content  

This can be selfie videos, links or cat videos. People want to be engaged, too much of the same can disengage and turn people off.

Fail #3: Email blast your connections straight away

A common misconception on LinkedIn is that it is just like email marketing. It's not. People buy from people they know like and trust. People on LinkedIn want to engage with a real human. So blasting a new connection with a sales email is the opposite of this.

If you met a new contact at an event would your ram your sales pitch into them in the first 5 seconds?

Fail #4: Send a long sales message

Sales email's tend to be long, formal and detailed. As people want to explain their pitch.

LinkedIn messages should be short, casual and brief. The opposite of the classic sales email.

Fail #5: Forget to convert

LinkedIn is a great place you can convert new connections and audience members into leads. You just have to plan it out and thin it through.

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