LinkedIn Lead Conversion Metrics

How are you creating leads from LinkedIn for your IT/Software business?

Popular strategies for generating conversions through LinkedIn:

Option 1: You could be advertising through LinkedIn ads or sponsored updates

Option 2: Just posting content on LinkedIn and trying to get views yourself or through company page

Option 3: Running a outbound campaign on LinkedIn

Chances are you are 40% of the LinkedIn business community who are actively trying to get new business opportunities out of LinkedIn.

Let’s look at conversion metrics for LinkedIn lead generation:

Insight 1:  Cost per click doesn’t mean cost per lead

Option 1 and 2 need a way to convert a lead.  The also need a way to measure that conversion.  If an advert on LinkedIn or post/article just leads to a “like” that is fine for building awareness.  

But leads means converting awareness into actions.

If you are going to post any content or run any campaigns be sure to think through the conversion step.

Insight 2:  Cost per lead on LinkedIn ranges depending on the type

A converted lead such as a click through to a software sign up on LinkedIn can cost anywhere from $350-$500.  This is from our internal research.

This is from running a LinkedIn ad, into a lead capture form or software sign up.

If you are just running a passive brand awareness strategy then it is hard to put a number on what a lead costs.

Insight 3:  Running a targeted outbound LinkedIn Lead Gen/Growth campaign generate conversions

If you are running a brand awareness campaign on LinkedIn then add a converting outbound strategy into the mix.

You can do this yourself or outsource to a company like, who can manage the whole process for you.

An outbound strategy is the final converting step.  

Involving growing your LinkedIn connections, feeding them with converting content to engage them.  Then sending tailored personalised LinkedIn outreaches.

The sending messages is the final part which if done well can supercharge your results and conversions.  

There you go.

Good luck and get in touch if you want any help to manage this all for you.

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