Marketing campaigns have traditionally always switched on and switched off. It makes sense when you run a campaign see results pause get a breath.

Though, with more and more brands switching to Account-Based Marketing, we’ll also see a change in marketing methods.

Why? So customers don’t switch off. We know they are online 24/7 researching at night, on the weekend on Christmas Day.

Research from LinkedIn back in 2018 suggests turning off your marketing has big consequences with data suggesting 12% of awareness generated over 3 periods can be erased by 9% over 1 switch-off period.

FY22 Insight: Essentially turning off the lights for one period loses you the value generated in three.

We will all naturally migrate to an “Always On” approach to running campaigns.

Which makes sense... if you know your audience, you know want them to be a customer and you know it's only a matter of time that they do or don’t go with a competitor.

FY22 Insight: hen why would you market to them in short bursts and then go dark, why would you give a competitor a chance to win them over?

Back in 2018 'Always On' marketing was first mentioned, but it’s only this year that it will come into the psyche of brand and growth leaders.

It's the same reason why Account Based Marketing first doing the rounds in 2016 and took so long to fully get traction until last year

FY22 Insight: rends take time to build and time to unwind.

But if you can get a trend early .. well you know the rest.

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