Why Digital Marketing Has Changed Forever

Digital marketing is changing before our eyes. 

The evidence is there, but not yet in any official reports or data.   

Could it be because it’s happening too fast?  I know I haven’t had time to breathe for 2 weeks.

What’s happening. 

Within the space of 8 days, the cost of serving an advert on LinkedIn has dropped from $80 to $53 per thousand impressions.  That’s a 33% DROP in the average cost of serving an advert on LinkedIn, IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. 


More people than ever before are spending time during work hours online, working from home or remotely.  More content consumption drives the price down.  Some brands have reduced budgets, which will impact this of course, but there is a bigger force at play.

MARKETING HAS CHANGED FOREVER.  We’ve entered the era of hyper content consumption.

People are online all day at work and online in their downtime as well.

The Always On Approach

It’s never been like this before, and it’s not going to change back overnight. To meet the demand.  It’s now about always BEING ALWAYS ON, rather than running ad-hoc marketing campaigns, depending on the conference or event coming up at any given time. 

Previous research from LinkedIn also backed up this concept.  The always-on approach was found to have four key benefits:

  1. Always On - protects share of voice, making it harder for competitors to enter the thought space
  2. Your audience expects it - people expect content regularly and consistently 
  3. Trust - B2B audiences take time to make decisions so delivering content over time helps build audience trust 
  4. Cost reduction - as contacts get more familiar with a brand story they opt into more content, meaning lead costs diminish over time

The data also keeps backing this up. 

A LinkedIn report found, if a brand markets for 3 time periods and stops for one, they lose nearly all the traction that’s just been built up. 


Key Takeaways

Some takeaways:

  1. Change Your Planning to “ALWAYS ON” and change your marketing calendar to suit- instead of planning for key events in a year, plan how to produce quality content at double, triple or quadruple the rate, whilst maintaining the quality level 
  2. Expect to fight for air time more - as content production goes up, organic traffic will go down.  It’s about to get harder than ever before to drive organic traffic
  3. Plan to own the thought space - as content consumption increases so will content quality and demand for quality.  It’s never been more important to think through the important topics and issues, to make sure your brand connects with an audience before your competitor does