Video has become the new normal. prospects are now watching videos across a multitude of platforms.

But how important is video quality?

Let’s take a second to talk about websites. 

When brands first went online, the quality of a website was less important than simply having a website. Now, if a brand’s website is stale, uninventive or lacks creativity, prospects will simply close the tab.

2021 Insight: This is the same with video. 

While we are still at the early stages of branded video production journey, quality is becoming progressively more important. 

As videos on social media platforms increase their production standards, it’s high-time brands followed suit. 

Investing in high quality video content will not simply draw in prospects, but keep them returning.

2020 Insight: For a brand to have a real, honest corporate story, they must invite prospects to peer in, and video is the way to do so.

Branded videos used to be a niche reserved for big marketing budgets, now they are as fundamental to a business as emails.

If a brand fails to have accessible and insightful video content, prospects will be left wondering who the brand is, what it stands for and who how to relate to them. 

2021 Insight: High-quality video is no longer simply an add-on feature for a brand, it’s a must-have. 

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