Why You Should Redesign Your LinkedIn Presence

If you are a B2B service or solution business, then LinkedIn is the best source of brand awareness and leads. LinkedIn is no longer just a place to find candidates, it's now a source of over 80% leads generated from social media for a B2B brand.

Is your LinkedIn strategy and presence due a refresh?

Read through the top five reasons to redesign your LinkedIn strategy to see for yourself. 

1. Brand Image

First Impressions Count

When a decision maker reviews your LinkedIn page will your brand impress them?


TIP #1:

Go through and review your LinkedIn brand page and make sure your service offering fits what you are talking to customers about day in day out. 

2. Strategy

Do you intend to use LinkedIn for marketing?

In 2020 Google advertising is suffering from a cost, SEO and “page one fight” fatigue.  LinkedIn can be a great source of brand awareness and lead penetration for B2B businesses.


TIP #2:

Start by planning out which product or services you want to take to market. Then plan out your content to build brand awareness and your marketing funnel to turn awareness into leads.

3. Content

Do you have a clear content plan to drive results?

LinkedIn can be the best channel to reach business leaders and influencers


TIP #3:

Plan out the 3 key topics that your customers care about.  This can be key problems customers are face or industry issues.  These topics should form a theme that your content posts can explore.

4. Distribute

Distribution of content is important to build awareness

Content can generate brand awareness but only if your target audience sees it


TIP #4:

Spend 80% of your time getting your content out there, and 20% of your time creating it. People can’t buy what they can’t see.

5. Conversion

Don’t forget about leads, they turn into customers

LinkedIn can be a great source of leads, if you invest in planning out your marketing funnel 


TIP #5:

What’s your way to capture leads?  Social selling, advertising, webinars, generating referrals?  Whatever it is, go with something and set a realistic measurable at each stage to know if you're doing it well.  Remember, only 3-4% of people are in the buying stage at any one time, so set realistic expectations.

Is it time to redesign? At sella we help many businesses in APAC, UK, US to leverage digital marketing and LinkedIn to build brand awareness, a full ABM strategy and lead generation.